How we afford to travel as a large family

You’re on Facebook and it’s flooded with photos of the “Jones’s” latest family trip abroad (again), and you wonder weren’t they just on holiday, and how on earth can they afford to travel with all those kids? Does this sound like you? I was the same until we started to make a few small changes.

We are just an average middle-class family. Both parents working full-time, and 3 school-going children, and this year we have had three trips abroad with the girls. Travelling as a family of five is costly, but absolutely do-able if you adopt these cost-saving tips

10 swoon-worthy tech gifts for teens and tweens

With Christmas fast approaching, buying gifts for teens and tweens can be one of the most stressful tasks on the “to do” list. Keeping up with the latest trends and gadgets can also be challenging for us mums and dads! So I have compiled this list of “must-haves” for Christmas, signed off by my market research specialist sample of two (one teen and one tween). I hope this makes your Christmas shopping a little easier this year.

7 reasons why Eurocamp should absolutely be your next family holiday

Summer 2018 will be our family’s third holiday to Eurocamp. We spent a blissful relaxing week at Des Menhirs, Carnac, in Brittany in Summer 2015. This year we were at Park Playa de Bara in Costa Dorada, Spain. And we have already booked our Summer 2018 trip to the Bella Italia, Lake Garda, Italy resort. Three years in a row must say something for how fantastic these resorts are! If you are looking for some inspiration on where your family's next Summer holiday should be, then look no further! Here are 7 reasons why you should absolutely choose Eurocamp

Who says you can’t have a snow holiday without skiing?

Because we were only in the area for a few days, we couldn’t ski. The girls have never skied before, and the last time my husband and I were on skis was 17 years ago, and there was just not enough time for days of lessons. But the itinerary for the 5 days was full, and by no means lacking in the fun department.

Here’s how to have an amazing snow holiday without skiing: