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Essentials for your first family snow holiday

Essentials for your first family snow holiday

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In just over a month, our family is off on our second snow holiday. Last Christmas we were in Munich, Germany and Gosau, Austria. This was our first time away for Christmas and the whole family agrees it was our best holiday yet. Read all about it in a previous post (Why travelling for Christmas was the best decision I ever made).

If this Winter is going to be your family’s first major snow holiday away, here is a list of a few things I wish we had taken with on our first trip and they will definitely be coming with this time!


First up is the Crosstour Action Camera

It’s a great little accessory that does everything a basic Go Pro does, for a fraction of the cost! It’s a got a wide-angle lens – perfect to capture those panoramic scenic mountain views. It’s fully waterproof, so no problem in the snow, and it comes with 20 mounting accessories to capture that perfect action shot of the first ski lesson.

If you prefer to capture the action on your mobile phone, then a must have is the Waterproof Phone Dry Bag Pouch.

This pouch will protect your phone from water, sand, snow and dirt and fits all mobile phones up to 6” diagonal, with extra room for cash, ski pass, credit card etc. The dual sided clear windows on the case make it really easy to take pics or get that video of the kids first snowplow down the slopes, without having to remove your gloves and lose your fingers to frostbite. Also the lanyard makes it easy to keep your phone with you, and accessible at all times.

Safety is always top of mind when kids are involved, so this Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker is definitely an essential.

Ski or snowboard with piece of mind, knowing that is by some chance you are separated on the slopes, that you will be able to track your child’s location instantly with real-time location tracing. It also has a flashlight and photo function.

Proper head gear.


If this is your first time, you can rent all the necessary helmets, but you will want to take additional head gear for warmth and comfort. The TrailHeads Women's Ponytail Headband will fit comfortably under any helmet, and the fleece insulates while wicking moisture to keep you warm and comfortable.

If you are toboganning, I can guarantee you are going to need one of these! This multi-functional accessory is a neck warmer, scarf, hat, hood and snood all-in-one. It is essential when you have the runs are so high up and can take as long as 30 minutes to get to the bottom. You can cover your nose and mouth and breathe comfortably while still seeing where you are going. Believe me, this is a non-negotiable. Been there, got the t-shirt.

They are available in a wide selection of colours and designs for both men and women.

Lastly, another essential to make the trip a lot more comfortable. Texting gloves.

Now, this is not actually for texting, cos let’s face it – I am not really interested in catching up with anyone while I am on the slopes. But I am mad about taking photos and videos, and it becomes really uncomfortable taking your gloves off constantly in -10c weather. I would suggest a basic pair of texting gloves underneath your ski gloves. That way, you are able to keep some warmth in those finger tips and get those picture perfect on camera.

I hope this list makes your family snow holiday, the best holiday ever, and hopefully I’ll see you on the slopes!


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